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Guess who just got cast as Charlotte Lucas in a 1940s-updated adaptation of Pride and Prejudice?

THIS GUY. *thumbs*

I am extremely excited, because

a) this is awesome
b) this is my first real production is nearly four years, not to mention my first PROFESSIONAL ACTING JOB

The Regency and the 1940s actually have a lot in common socially and politically, when you consider uncertainty in the monarchy, a country at war, threat of invasion on English soil, and soldiers stationed everywhere (the officers, oh, the officers!).

Also, I am the understudy for Elizabeth Bennett. Apparently, someone has the complexity to play both parts (if necessary). (Tee hee hee, acting is something that I can do!) I will also have an understudy, which makes me feel all important and fancy.

NOTE: the title is from one of Hark, a Vagrant!'s Jane Austen Comics, though my favorite is still this one. Bodices: Ripping! Men: Turning Gay! This is totally what my(!) P&P will become, under my evil, evil influences.
17 July 2011 @ 10:19 pm
I claim "Invisible Library" as the name of my band.
11 May 2010 @ 01:37 am
 I am such a Girly Girl with Capital Letters.

Saturday: Cartier in America at the Legion of Honor
Sunday: San Francisco Ballet's Romeo and Juliet
Monday: Wordplay and the Sunday Crosswords
Now: Chuck Bass is going to propose to Blair on Gossip Girl next week and I am dying for squee!ing

Yeah, that's right, I saw that ring on the preview and I DIED. What do you want from me? I spent last weekend staring at Snow White tiaras (both Princess and Evil Queen) and trying on Grace Kelly's Engagement Ring (again, so deserving of Capital Letters) in the reflection. Do ya'll know what that ring is like? Your judgements mean nothing.


 So, I just watched the new Sherlock Holmes movie.
You know, the one that was supposed to Destroy My Soul?
Well, it failed to do even that.

It was just so boring. And weirdly boring, too. And it made no damn sense, and why was Watson so angry all the time when he's supposed to be such a jolly fellow (and that, my friends was the best part of the movie, so you can see why I'm not too keen), and IRENE ADLER? I CAN'T EVEN - ahem, I can't even, the only word I can find is 'explain,' to y'all how much that in no way made any sense whatsoever.  The only reason to make this movie, as far as I can tell, was as an excuse to show us a super buff Mycroft. And you couldn't even do that, movie.

God, but I am actually ashamed of you, movie.

The music was also really weird; I get that it was supposed to be a nod to Holmes' violin, but, come on, Holmes can play better than that.

Also, if you were going to make a movie about Watson and Holmes going through a break-up (which is what the first half of the movie basically is, while being annoyingly interrupted by the super boring plot) reach for the stars, guys. I expect better than this half-assed-ness.

And damn straight Lestrade isn't evil. I like that guy, and I was not down with that plot development. And I agree with his punching of Holmes in the stomach, which RDJ's portrayal of Holmes totally deserved, because it sucked. Lestrade kicks ass, and is totally afraid of Mary Russell. Damn straight.

Finally, we come to Lord Blackwell, or as I will forever know him, Creepy Old Mr. Knightly. Same problem when the guy was Conway in the Young Victoria. Actually, especially when he was Conway in the Young Victoria. You know the real reason he wanted to kill Parliament and change the world (other than getting America back, ha, whatever dude) was so that he could convince society that it wasn't creepy when he married that super young Emma. Never gonna happen, COMK. Seriously, you were the one who kept repeating "I held you in my arms when you were a baby" over and over and over. We get it, you're really old, she's really young, get over it (though I never did), it's your own damn fault for saying it so damn much. Gah, must go palate cleanse with new, really good Emma and Super Perfect Man of Perfection Knightly.

*sigh*  Tell me it was badly done, Mr. Knightly!
Also, I think I'm gonna watch this again, the single funniest scene ever on my television.

PS: You know why Watson was so anxious to get married? Because without this one the amount of times he's married wouldn't be ridiculous enough.

PSS: You know why Holmes was so mad at the whole Mary situation? Because he's waiting for a Mary of his own.
24 April 2010 @ 01:56 pm
 Emma's earrings: a closer look
02 September 2009 @ 02:55 am
I have just finished watching the final season of Stargate Atlantis, and am therefore, finally, completely caught up with Stargate (and well in time for the premiere of Stargate Universe next month). This, I feel, is a momentous occasion. I will mark it with the music of Ingrid Michaelson (Everybody!), discussion of Wee Baby Turtles, and commendation on the Golden Gate Bridge's successful rebuild after the attacks by the Mega Shark.

Girls were gotten, and Ronan is Jesus. Also, the girls kickbox. I think I can live with this.


20 June 2009 @ 03:06 am

PERSONALLY insulted. Just-- NOT OKAY.





18 June 2009 @ 11:55 pm
What fictional character do you most identify with?
One of the ways I relate to characters is through acting; for me it's just another step in the character analysis I do for fun because I'm a nerd. When I'm playing a character I have to find some way to identify with them, to become them in a way that's believable, to understand why they do the things they do. Helena from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" was easier since (other than being my dream role and a character I'd been practicing for years) it was a simple matter to transfer my feet into her shoes. Richard III in "Richard III" was a bit more difficult: I couldn't exactly usurp the English throne just to see what it was like. But when a character is written well there's always something to grab on to; it's a strange feeling when playing a different character in the same play, especially when they're the enemy of the previous character and your entire opinion about who's in the right has to change, if only for a little while. When I'm reading I'm always thinking about how I would play a character, how I would hold myself and pitch my voice, what my Jane Eyre or Elinor Dashwood would sound like, my Amelia Peabody, Alanna of Trebond, Hermione or Salman Rushdie's Blabbermouth. At the moment, there's nothing I'd like to do more than play the part of Laurie R. King's Marry Russell. The last few days I've been discussing her character development with anyone who will listen; for me, playing her would be the next step. Too bad I'm neither nearly six feet tall, blond, nor blue eyed, though at least two of those things shouldn't cause too much trouble, and I can walk in very high heels.
14 June 2009 @ 05:37 pm
Again. More later. Again.
19 April 2009 @ 10:26 pm
Oh my god it's hot out. Adversely, I've spent the entire day jumping around playing Wii Tennis, which = excellent. In real life, I actually am good at certain parts of many sports. IT'S TRUE IT'S TRUE I TELL YOU.

Anyways, I was just reminded of The Great Mouse Detective, the story of the cartoon mouse who lives beneath Sherlock Holmes' apartments in London and who is the cartoon mouse version of Sherlock Holmes. And this led me to realize that, while I absolutely adore Sherlock Holmes, I never read the original books. I have, over the course of many long car rides, heard all of them on tape, but I'm more drawn to Holmes' based things, like the Mary Russell books. Granted, the first book is called The Beekeepers Apprentice and is about Holmes raising and studying bees (which are so awesome you won't believe), but I think I have more fun because it references the old days but is not about them. Mary Russell is Holmes' apprentice in sleuthing, and they become best friends, and she's got his talents, and they're hilarious together. At one point she HATES Watson because she can't understand why he's do stupid, but when she meets him her response is Dammit, I like him. Eventually she refers to him as Uncle John(!).

They do get married in like the fourth book, even though he's 39 years older than her. Guys, I'm sorry, but I can't find it creepy. Had they gotten together when they first met at 15 and 54, then yeah, horrifying. But at this point in the story, nope, sorry, I tried, but it's just not.

I will now continue to wear my sister's bright green short shorts and possibly do some jigsaw puzzles.

PS: Karin, this is just for future reference when you're watching Atlantis: McKay is the best, and Doctor Weir does not die, she just has to go back to Earth to take care of her and Sheppard's love child. Also, I'm pissed off because I realized Atlantis contains the mythical dinosaur episode
and we do not get to see them. Not cool. Also, alien pregnancies on Stargate? It's about damn time.

Now, if we have time, I'd like to get back to our original topic: Leadership.

Goodnight all!